seafood assortment of blue crab, oysters, and Gulf shrimp

Food Illustration - seafood assortment including an Atlantic Blue Crab, a Gulf Shrimp, and Oysters in colored pencil and mixed media. 

colored pencil drawing of a gulf shrimp

Food Illustration - Gulf Shrimp in colored pencil and digital. 

blue crab image in colored pencil

Food Illustration - Atlantic Blue Crab in colored pencil and digital.

Honorable Mention for my “Blue Crab” artwork featured in J. Mane Gallery’s EAT! International Online Juried Art Exhibition 

oysters on the half shell colored pencil drawing

Food Illustration - Oysters on the Half Shell in colored pencil and digital. 

Food Illustration - Shrimp Po'Boy in Colored Pencil and Digital 

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